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How we clean your windows

Most windows can be cleaned using traditional methods. Mops, squeegies, microfibre cloths and close attention yield the best results. We use the reach and wash system for conservatory roofs and windows we cannot access with ladders.

Our Work


Dave & Dave offer friendly town centre services and our professional service could bring a shine to your shop front. If you require our services, we can guarantee to give your shop front the quality attention that it deserves.


Dave & Dave offer a friendly office service. Our trusted team can ensure quality internal and external cleans on any size of building. We maintain contracts to do general office cleaning, where high standards and total reliability count.


Dave & Dave have a 100% safety record and this is also applied to our factory cleans. Our personnel have years of experience and we can ensure that we will meet all health and safety standards.

Builders Cleans:

Our builders cleans are of the highest standard and we can ensure show home quality for all sales units.

High Level Cleans:

We can also provide high level cleans for any purpose or building. Dave & Dave window cleaners are trained to use specialist equipment for these cleans.

Special Services:

Types of Buildings:

We are available to clean civic and public buildings. We offer services to all types and sizes of buildings from small shops to large hotels.

Restaurants and Hygiene:

We are highly experienced in restaurant and pub cleans and we will meet every environmental health and hygiene standard.

Stained Glass Windows:

We have experience in stained glass cleaning.

Reach and Wash:

Our reach and wash system means that we are able to reach and access windows and facades of great heights. For such cleans, we use our specialist reach and wash poles with deionised water where ladders cannot reach.